O Nás

TAW s.r.o. was established in 1994 and is based within the complex of the former mine Jan Šverma in Ostrava – Mariánské Hory. Our company is a part of partnership that includes Weppler Czech s.r.o., Weppler Trefil s.r.o. and Weppler Tools s.r.o.

Scope of business:

Accommodation - Ostrov u Macochy
Accommodation in Ostrov u Macochy located in the beautiful landscape of National Nature Reserve Moravian Karst. The entire house is nicely equipped with heated floors. Bathrooms and kitchens are on every floor. You can rent full or half of semi-detached house and by individual rooms.

Greenery maintenance
We mow grass in family gardens, around commercial buildings and facilities, in municipal parks and outdoor areas. We can mow slopes, grassy areas along roads, ski slopes, parks, riverbanks and around reservoirs. We know how to deal with self-seeded trees and long-neglected grass areas. We use radio-remote-controlled professional mower SPIDER ILD01 that can handle any difficult terrain up to 40° inclination, has great manoeuvrability and patented traversing system. Its low weight ensures environment-friendly operation. To order mowing services, all us on +420 596 663 640.

E-shop with INSIZE measuring equipment
An e-shop with INSIZE measuring equipment. We offer a broad range of high quality measuring equipment. All products can be ordered on the e-shop or picked up at a warehouse.

E-shop with lighting equipment
We also offer a broad range of high quality LED lights on our e-shop.

Electricity production and distribution
TAW s.r.o., holds a license for Electricity Distribution. Based on this license, it has its own LDS (local distribution system), to which six consumption points are currently connected. However, due to the limited reserved power of the distribution transformer and the expansion of production at current customers, there is currently no precondition for the development of the distribution system with additional consumption points.